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Five popular trees 073

The five popular trees

The story of the trees.
The five popular trees were planted in the 1960's, as the new Pepys Estate was being built.
They have grown to maturity, reaching a height of some 70 to 80 feet.

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Tenants Action Group
Pepys Estate
London SE8

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A Voluntary Group of tenants and residents on the Pepys Estate, Deptford. Evelyn ward London Borough of Lewisham.

Advice on rights, information and support
Housing, planning and the environment
Health and well being

Dedication plaque - Pepys

The plaque reads >

This estate built by the Greater London Council stands on the
site of the Royal Victoria Dockyard founded over 400 years ago
Here Samuel Pepys, Secretary of the Royal Navy,
ordered the fitting out of the Fleet for the Dutch Wars and here
through the centuries British warships were built and rigged.

Pepys estate - Map 1960's Pepys estate - Map 2008

Pepys estate, Map 1960's, painted on a wood base; Map 2008, printed on a metal base.

Planning objections

Yellow spotConvoys Wharf

Site tour, 8th October 2011, archaeology excavations. Tudor Warehouse, Dry and Wet docks. With the Olympia Warehouse, on surface - Grade II listed.

Victoria Hall 009 Victoria Hall 010 Victoria Hall 011 Victoria Hall 013 Victoria Hall 015

Victoria Hall 009 Victoria Hall 010 Victoria Hall 011 Victoria Hall 013 Victoria Hall 015

Victoria Hall 009 Victoria Hall 010 Victoria Hall 011 Victoria Hall 013 Victoria Hall 015

Victoria Hall 009 Victoria Hall 010 Victoria Hall 011 Victoria Hall 013 Victoria Hall 015

Victoria Hall 009 Victoria Hall 010

Link to - Convoys Wharf - Planning Application 27th October 2010

Red spotThe Wharves - Oxestalls Road

Victoria Hall, Victoria Wharf, Grove Street, SE8.
View in 2004, of interior, surprisingly well lit inside from the large windows, despite being obscured by the later installed partitions on ground and mezzanie floors.
Aside from the windows, the interior height from ground to ceiling was impressive, as well as the iron framework.

Victoria Hall interior 2004 001 Victoria Hall interior 2004 002 Victoria Hall interior 2004 003 Victoria Hall interior 2004 005 Victoria Hall interior 2004 008

Victoria Hall 009 Victoria Hall 010 Victoria Hall 011 Victoria Hall 013 Victoria Hall 015

Under demolition by landlord City & Provincial, from Monday 14th December 2009.

Victoria Hall demolition 002 Victoria Hall demolition 003 Victoria Hall demolition 004 Victoria Hall demolition 006 Victoria Hall demolition 010
Victoria Hall demolition 009 Victoria Hall demolition 013 Victoria Hall demolition 015 Victoria Hall demolition 016 Victoria Hall demolition 017

A part of the history of Deptford has now been lost, as developer City & Provincial order in the wreckers prior to their application to Lewisham Council for outline planning permission for the Oxestalls Road / Victoria Wharf site - to be known as The Wharves.

This leaves only the Victoria public house, a little further along Grove Street, as the only nineteenth century legacy building now left in existence on this site.

Green spotTenants and Leaseholders Task Group - South-East London Foundation ( SELF ) 2004/05

A group of experienced tenants representatives have come together to share ideas and skills for the benefit of all Lewisham residents.

Facilitated by Lewisham Community Network > Web link

Funding for four Conferences held over the year 2004/05

First Conference held at the Lady Florence Hall, Deptford.

Second Conference held at the Kings Church Hall, Lewisham, in conjunction with Lewisham Community

Blue spotLewisham Healthy Communities - South-East London Foundation (SELF) 2003/04

Benefits - from February 2004 - HTML - Size 2.2KB

Red spotLondon Tenants Federation

The London Tenants Federation (LTF) is an umbrella organisation bringing together London borough wide council tenant federation / organisations.
It does not supercede its member organisations, but instead aims to strengthen them through - sharing and exchanging information, making shared responses to consultation and at times campaigning together.

LTF > Web link

Red spotCouncil of Champions

Council of Champions > Web link

Defend Council Housing statement > Web link

Find out more about Skyscapers Skyscapers.com

Green spotDeptford history

Walk the walk in Deptford London Footprints

Live the history of Deptford Extract from Jess Steele's "Turning the Tide"

Follow the history trail of ... Aragon - Catherine of Aragon - namesake for Aragon Tower, Pepys estate > Tudor history

Catherine of Aragon > Women's history > Web link

Catherine of Aragon > History Learning >Web link

Visit Aragon Tower, the Foreshore, Pepys estate - named after Catherine of Aragon

Follow the history trail of ... Evelyn - Sir John Evelyn - namesake for Evelyn Ward, former landowner and site of his house Sayes Court Palace Wikipedia

Sir John Evelyn > Garden

Sir John Evelyn > Evelyn notes

Sir John Evelyn > Pepys Diary

Sir John Evelyn > People

Sir John Evelyn > Sayes Court

Visit the John Evelyn public house, on the corner of Grove Street and Evelyn Street, Deptford, SE8

Follow the history trail of ... Marlowe - Christopher Marlowe - playwright and poet, namesake for the former Marlowe House, Pepys estate

Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe

Visit the former White Bear public house in Deptford High Street, the site where Christopher Marlowe received stab wounds in a dispute, leading to his death

Follow the history trail of ... Pepys - Samuel Pepys - namesake for Pepys estate

Samuel Pepys - Historic figures

Samuel Pepys - Pepys Club

Samuel Pepys - Pepys Diary

Visit the Pepys estate, Deptford SE8 - named after Samuel Pepys

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Thames side at Pepys 088 Thames side at Pepys 087 Thames side at Pepys 086 Thames side at Pepys 085 Thames side at Pepys 084 Thames side at Pepys 083 Thames side at Pepys 082

Thames side panoramic sequence looking out from the Foreshore, Pepys estate, March 2003

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