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Pepys Community Forum
(Registered office) Unit 2, Victoria Wharf
Grove Street, Deptford
London SE8 3QQ

Tel : 020 8694 3503
Fax : 020 8694 1152
web: www.mcad.demon.co.uk/pcf.htm

Front view Right view Right view - further

Left view Outdoor realxation space

A Registered Charity - No. 1121544
A Company Ltd by Guarantee & Not for Profit - No. 5229390
Registered in the United Kingdom

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A community-led not for profit organisation funded by Single Regeneration Budget Round 5 (SRB 5) from 1999 through to March 2006.
Now independently funded from various sources, based in the Evelyn Ward of Deptford, London Borough of Lewisham.

Building trust in the community through a Community Trust.

Directions to Pepys Community Forum

Bus - Routes 47 and 188 travel to Evelyn Street (A200), alight at Deptford Park School, walk towards Shell Garage and turn left in to Oxestalls Road; over a bridge.
At "T" junction turn right, walking past Victoria Public House and Deptford Car Breakers.
Route 199 travel to Grove Street, Deptford, alight at Riverside Youth Club. Walk towards Victoria Public House and past Deptford Car Breakers

Car - travel to Evelyn Street (A200), turn off left at Oxestalls Road if coming out of London, or turn off right at Grove Street if coming in to London.
On Grove Street come to double brown gates between Ascott Cab Company and Deptford Car Breakers.

Cycle - as above.

Rail - Deptford or Greenwich stations.

Tube - Canada Water (Jubilee Line) or Surrey Quays (East London Line).
Then Bus Routes 47, 188 or 199 (see above).

About Pepys Community Forum

Pepys Community Forum derives its name from the Pepys estate, Deptford SE8, which is named after Samuel Pepys, a politician - known for his Pepys Diary
kept between 1660-1669. He was appointed as Secretary to the Admiralty, and worked at the Royal Naval Dockyards, Deptford.
The land on which todays Pepys estate is built was a part of the Dockyards, renamed in 1858 after a visit from Queen Victoria, as the Royal Victoria Yard.

King Henry VIII was born nearby at the royal palace, Greenwich. He established the Dockyards at Deptford in 1513.
Then known as the Kings Yard - it became the chief Thames dockyard. Many famous wooden ships were built and sailed from this site.

Deptford history

PCF Web Links

PCF on the Urban Design Compendium

PCF on the Goldsmiths College, University of London, Centre for Urban and Community Research

PCF Board of Trustees manage organisation directly - from 22nd February 2010

PCF Staffing - 2012

Office Opening hours >
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 10.00am to 5.15pm
Evelyn Community Garden > additionally open Fridays, and Saturday half day
PCF Core Activities >
PCF Chair - Malcolm - Manager (Volunteer)
PCF office - Volunteers assist for office business & administration
Finance Worker - Tayo - 1 day a week, self-employed
Office Cleaner - Rita - 1 evening a week
PCF Projects >
John Evelyn Community Garden - Friends of Evelyn Garden, Volunteers
REETA [Refugee Education, Employment, Training and Advice]
Halima - IAG Worker - 2 1/2 days a week,
Fartuun - Twist Work Programme Link Worker Advisor - 1 day a week
Creative community and business hub >
Creekside Forum - Bill
- Community activities
Dimeco | Media Skills Centre - Olu
Business Entreprenuer - Digital Media training, leading to industry qualifications and creative employment opportunities
Online Spares - Tony
Business Entreprenuer - Car engines and parts

PCF Contact - 2012

PCF Chair and Manager (Volunteer)
malcolmpepysforum@gmail.com Email Malcolm

Red spotPCF Core activities

Pepys Community Forum formed in 1999, when a group of Community Workers, local Agencies and resident Volunteers defined a community development bid, to Government, to revitalise facilities; services and the local community infrastructure. An Area of Benefit located around the Pepys estate, Trinity estate and Deptford Wharf; in North Deptford, London Borough of Lewisham.

At the same time, a major Capital Development Programme had been prepared to physically redevelop the buildings on the nearby Silwood Estate, located a half mile up the road, on the Lewisham and Southwark border.

The Government Office for London (GOL), decided to merge these two requirements together in to what became known as the Silwood Single Regeneration Budget. The latter having funds of over £60m, for the physical side of the building regeneration.

The Pepys aspect retained its own funds, identity and constitution; although very much smaller at around £3.2m over six Years. On Pepys, the funding was directed towards the capacity of local people to do things for themselves. Unfortuneately, with no Capital element to the funding, acquiring future assets and making long term investments was difficult to achieve.

Pepys Community Forum was formally launched, as an 100% community-led Management Committee, in March 2000; and constituted as an Unincoprated Association in July 2000.

PCF became a registered Company Limited by Guarantee, and Not for Profit, in 2005.
PCF became a registered Charity - of a special type known a Regeneration Charity - in 2007.

PCF is now in its 12th Year of operation - 2000-2012.

Events at PCF - 2012

Deptford X 2012 - London's Contemporary Art Festival, 27th July to 12th August 2012

Shiroma Ratne - Art Installation at PCF - Sanctuary - Summer 2012, Private View held on 2nd August 2012

At the start Right view Under construction

Taking shape Artist interviewed

Top left - At the start. Middle - Painting applied. Top right - Under construction
Bottom left - Taking shape. Bottom right - Artist interviewed

Desk - Large painting Desk - Small prints Wall - Large prints Wall - Prints

Exhibition Gallery - Paintings and Prints - Room 3, upstairs

Blue spotCharitable Donations - to PCF

PCF is seeking assistance in meeting its aims and obligations - please contact PCF at the address details, shown above.

Charity Paintball

Delta Force - world class paintball entertainment - have donated an initial 5 Charity Tickets to PCF.
A Charity Paintball Ticket is worth - £59.99 - at face value, and has been donated to this Charity for fundraising and promotional purposes.

The Charity Ticket entitles up to 10 people to partcipate in a full day of paintball action, with free entry and free equipment hire at any one of more than 39 paintball centres throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

PCF invites offers for these Charity Tickets as a donation to PCF at "above the face value" - you say what you are willing to pay for a Charity Ticket.

All proceeds of the sale of these tickets will go directly to the nominated Charity - PCF.

The Charity Ticket does not include the cost of paintballs - when you book, you will be required to pay the Paintball Centre for the first 100 paintballs, at a cost of £10.00 per person.
All proceeds of sale of paintballs and other sundry items go to the paintball centre
In addition bulk purchases of paintballs can be made, at the paintball centre .

Charity Paintball Booking Office - 0844 477 5020

PCF will post the Charity Ticket directly to you, in response to your offer.
Details of how to book are provided with the Charity Ticket.

Green spotPCF Evelyn Community Garden Project

ETC Logo
Artwork by James Davies 2009

John Evelyn Community Garden Opening hours >
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 11.00am to 3.00pm
Friends of Evelyn Garden - Volunteers

How did our Garden grow?

The John Evelyn Community Garden has been developed for about 8 years, from 2004/2005.
It is named after Sir John Evelyn, who was a Policitian, Writer and Landowner in the area, and who was also a keen and respected Gardener.
His home - Sayes Court Palace, was located nearby in Deptford, on what is now known as Convoys Wharf.

Plan of John Evelyn's house and garden at Sayes Court, 1650's

Originally the space was a cluster of 8 unused and overgrown allotments, that Lewisham Council, after negotiation, agreed to allow PCF to develop; this was around 2004/2005. At that time PCF had its SRB Funding in place.
With the support of the local Deptford & New Cross Credit Union, an initial ‘kick-start’ grant from Groundworks, and a bunch of enthusiastic local Volunteers; the allotment areas (as previously described) were cleared. The basic layout of the Garden was designed by a Polish landscape gardener, who was (at that time) a squatter in one of the Council owned flats (some of whiich were then awaiting demolition on the Pepys Estate).

Then followed on a succession of small grants, obtained by PCF, then a paid for a Sessional Worker, and the continued support of local Volunteers; all of which has kept the Garden progressing.

Recently, the Garden has benefited from a stable 3 year grant (2009/2012) by the South London and Maudesley Trust [SLaM], that funded a 28 hour week Co-Ordinator Post. Yet this funding closed in March 2012.

South London and Maudesley Trust (SLaM), funder of the Garden 2009/2012

An oasis in an urban context

The aim of the Evelyn Garden is to provide access to the natural environment, and contribute to the health and well being of local people; and to develop a financially sustainable model to ensure that the Garden remains a community resource.

This is delivered through:
- Health and well being activities, workshops and courses
- Environmental awareness and educational work eith young people
- Children's activities - Production and sale of local food - Courses and workshops on permaculture, basket-weaving, organic growing - Development of local membership and Volunteer base

The Garden is for the benefit of ALL: local residents, workers, children, visitors, and people using the Garden specifically to support their well-being, for example: this may be people who have been referred to the Garden by their doctor or another professional person.

The garden exists:

To serve as a meeting and resting place for the community that surrounds it.
To provide an opportunity for residents who largely have no access (directly) to gardens, themselves, to learn about growing food; gardening and enjoy an outdoor space and some of the produce.
To constitute an educational resource for children and adults on organic food growing and sustainable ecosystems, including examples of sustainable living systems in the Inner City, Renewable Energy systems, etc.
To foster the establishment of a community gardening practice where the Garden is seen and treated as one entity.

Therefore the Garden exists to benefit the whole community, and for that to be achieved successfully the Garden has to be managed, directed and be well looked after.

The primary responsibility of the Garden Staff (when employed) is to manage the Garden, along with Volunteers.

Events at the Garden - 2012

Big Tree Plant, 2011/2012, developing a community orchard on Pepys and environs, principally the planting for Fruit trees.

Pick&Cook Lillypad Pumpkin

Pond, at Evelyn Garden.
Pick&Cook Lillypad

Yellow spot PCF REETA project > Refugee Education, Employment, Training & Advice Partnership

REETA Office Opening hours >
Monday and Tuesday - 10.00am to 5.15pm, Wednesday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Drop in visit and subsequent visits - by Appointment only with an Advisor
Answer phone message in both English and Somali - Tel: 020 8694 3503
PCF/REETA Advisors - email > halima@pepyscommunityforum.org.uk

REETA Logo B+W REETA services

FREE Information, Advice & Guidance on Employment, Education and Training for Refugee/Asylum Seekers and Other Ethinc Minorities living in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Contact our bilingual team who speak : Arabic and Somali.

Mashruuca REETA waxaad ka heleysaa macluumaad, talabixin iyo jiheyan bilaash ah oo ku aadan xaga shaqada, waxbarashada iyo tababarka haddii aad tahey qaxooti ama kuwa laga tirada badan yahey ee ku nool Lewisham iyo agagaarkeeda.

Our Services Include :
Skills Assessment, Confidence Building, Information on Job Vacancies, Referral to any Suitable Training & Language Courses

Additional Support :
CV Writing Support, Job Search, Interview Techniques, Ongoing Support & Mentoring, Job Placement with Voluntary Organisations & Small Businesses.

Matrix logo

Events at REETA - 2011

FAIR - Health, Education, Employment and Training - held on Tuesday 31st May 2011.
2000 Community Action Centre (2000CAC), Grove Street, Deptford SE8.
Opening hours: 10.30am to 3.30pm.

A "experience a wealth of help and information in one place", for health, education, employment and advice/guidance.

Matrix logo Refugee Week Celebration 2011 - held on 21st June 2011 - organised by Lewisham Refugee Network (LRN).
Civic Centre, Lewisham Council, Catford SE6.
Opening hours: 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Different pasts, shared future

Chair - Civic Centre Childrens activities People on the day Chair - Civic Centre Childrens activities Childrens activities

Refugee Week - Family Relaxation Day - held on 28th July 2011.
Somali Youth Centre, Arches, Deptford SE8.
Opening hours: 10.00am to 4.00pm.

A day to bring together refugees and other community members, to celebrate and enjoy cultural differences and diversity

Chair - Civic Centre Childrens activities People on day Children's football

Events at REETA - 2010

FAIR - Health, Education, Employment and Training - held on Friday 29th October 2010.
In conjunction with Refugee Health, Lambeth.
2000 Community Action Centre (2000CAC), Grove Street, Deptford SE8.
Opening hours: 10.30am to 3.30pm.

A "one stop shop" for health, education, employment and advice/guidance. RHT brought a Health Team, with Nurses present to undertake basic health checks and to give guidance. RHT cover Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark.

Since 2000, when REETA began, is has given advice to over 1560 refugees, with over 350 having received training, and over 380 have gained employment.

ETC Logo Employment and Training Consortium (ETC)

The difficulties faced in helping people gain employment led to a group of organisations coming together, in 2009, to explore if they could form an Employment Consortium. These were : 170 Works at New Cross gate, Lewisham Hospital, North Downham Training Project (NDTP); and PCF (for REETA).

This led to receiving advice and engagement of a consultant, leading to a successful Funding Bid to the Working Neighbourhoods Fund (WNF), under the Local Area Agreement Economic and Development Partnership.

The Consortium began to operate in the last Quarter of 2009, through 2010; and into the first Quarter of 2011

NDTP is the lead partner for delivery management, with each Partner continuing to operate individually with its own strengths, whilst benefitting from learning and sharing, as well as innovating, within the Consortium.

This site online for 12 Years
Orginally developed using a RISC OS Computer - now maintained with a Windows PC
All artwork and digital photography on this site is original (c) Malcolm Cadman 2001/2012
(Except where separately acknowleged)

Malcolm's site

Malcolm Cadman, London SE8, UK
email comments to webmaster@mcad.demon.co.uk
Last page update : May 2012